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Cover art for tyler coolidge's song: PRIVACY (SLOWED EDITION)


tyler coolidge


This is a re-imagination of "PRIVACY" -- the lead single and track #3 from my debut alt-R&B project, "MOONSIDE" which was released independently to moderate success (750k total streams to date) in May of 2021. This track, crafted with R&B clubs and dancing in mind, features a fantastic verse from the quickly-rising R&B singer Joyce Wrice. This one brings me back to the feeling of feeling good at high-school house parties, or the exhilaration of dancing with a cute girl at any of my legendary middle-school and high-school dances. Good, good times. 100% of this sale's profit will go towards: 1) getting a new much needed MacBook, which will tremendously help my workflow and development, and 2) Buying my ticket to the 2024 Grammy's, where I've been nominated as a producer in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song category for co-producing "Your Power" by Lecrae and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. Going to the Grammy's would definitely be a once in a lifetime kind of thing and full of opportunity. The tickets are expensive though, and I can't currently justify paying for the tickets in my current financial state. The winner of this piece will receive: •1 physical transcript copy of the lyrics •1 signed print of my album cover with a personal appreciation note •A 25% share of all streams if/when a slowed version of my album is released to streaming platforms

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December 7, 2023
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