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Cover art for Danny Dwyer's song: A.P.C.'s


Danny Dwyer


My new single APC's ! This is the best song in the world it is a song about jeans.. you should buy it now %1000 a must own NFT. I made this in the Fall and it's a song about falling in love with someone new and the moments between the time you spend together. It's about wandering around the streets of LA and just wasting time until you get to see the person again. I wanted to make a song that captures the feelings in those moments. This song feels like peace to me, there is a bliss I remember feeling and when I started writing I was really intentional about capturing that in this song. It means the world to me and I'm hyped to be able to run this NFT alongside the official release on DSP's as a unique way to engage with this track. 🏆💖

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April 22, 2022
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