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Cover art for Daniel Allan's song: 1984


Daniel Allan


Welcome to installment number five of the Drifter Series - where I pack up my backpack with my laptop, headphones, and a disposable camera and see where the day takes me. For this episode I found myself in Lompoc, California - a military nuke-town 30 minutes from Santa Barbara. I was visiting a friend of mine to work on some music and to add to the eerie vibe of the town I found myself skipping through some pages of George Orwell’s 1984. I went down the reading rabbit hole and got to work. The winner of this NFT will receive: - The Ableton project file - The .wav file of the song - The .jpeg artwork - All 27 disposable pictures taken - A 30 minute FaceTime with me - A sneak peak at my next NFT Lyrics: But it feels like 1984 Like I’m on the run Where they at Lookin’ back With a loaded gun Tell me I look nice Comin’ with your knives It’s a current Reoccurring When you’re stuck in time

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August 10, 2021
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