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Heartbreak Standard Time (HST)

Carter Reeves
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Catalog certified

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Hey hey, I’m Carter Reeves. This is my first ever solo minted music NFT, and I am thrilled to share it with you all here on Catalog. Formerly one half of the duo Aer, and now the lead singer of a group called Surfer Girl, I am no stranger to the music industry - although still rather green in the Web3 space. This NFT is my first step toward regaining creative control and freedom that feels ever so hard to capture as an independent artist. Thank you! This song is somewhat of an enigma. "Heartbreak Standard Time,” or “HST” for short, existed solely on SoundCloud for a fleeting moment before completely vanishing… until now. I wrote this song with my friend and long time collaborator Alex Bilowitz (writer on BTS’ smash ‘Butter’) on a cold Crown Heights day in February 2017. The song was deemed “unfit for release” despite my persistent suspicions it would deeply connect with my audience. A few knives in the back, and burnt bridges later - I sneakily dropped it on SoundCloud. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the song was quickly removed. It may have disappeared forever, but the hype didn’t. The few people who caught wind of the song before it was taken down have incessantly hounded me to re-release it . So here it is, “Heartbreak Standard Time.” Enjoy. The owner of this NFT will receive: - The original master .wav file - The original album artwork - Two very corny demos of the song before its final form - Three alternate album artwork selects - The gibberish-ridden voice memo that started it all
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January 6, 2022

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