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Cover art for Carency's song: Through




When faced with a situation that doesn't go as planned, some people will try to somehow escape from that state. The discomfort and sense of confinement arising from anxiety and fear about the future can be unbearable as if tightening the mind and body. On the other hand, some individuals will struggle in various ways to break through the situation. However, due to often incorrect perceptions of reality, their efforts may appear to be aimed at breaking through the current situation, yet they may be avoiding it, making excuses while pretending to accept it, and protecting their vulnerable selves, leading to many efforts ending in vain. The protagonist of this song is a man who broke through the current situation. Even though he couldn't achieve it no matter how hard he tried to resolve it on my own, with the right timing, things were moving forward. It is challenging for someone in the whirlpool to correctly recognize what is happening. In his case, he previously led a reactive life towards the external world. The ideal self existing within him was undoubtedly distorting his perception of reality. While playing this song, riding on a pleasant rhythm, and savoring a refreshing feeling that could be described as neither running nor flying, I felt that I was being "carried." The energy that had been brewing within me gushed out like a burst dam, pushing towards the direction it should go. Through this song, I hope that, "through" it, those who listen will experience their lives moving in the direction they should.

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December 25, 2023
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