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Cover art for Carency's song: Sécurisé




Long ago, in the ancient Chinese state of Song, a man could not wait for his seedlings to grow and ended up ruining them by pulling on the stems to make them taller. This anecdote serves as a reminder of the importance of allowing things to grow naturally without unnecessary interference, and of the value of taking time in the growth process. Milton Mayeroff's words, "Care is not about fulfilling one's own needs, but about helping others grow and achieve self-realization," encourage us to relax our shoulders and remind us not to rush results. Sometimes, we must wait patiently and act at the right moment without doing anything prematurely. For people to live richly, it is undoubtedly essential to have security and safety as the foundation of daily life. The etymology of "sécurisé," from "se" (without) and "cura" (care), indicates an ideal state where care is unnecessary. Typically, we first prepare a safety rope and then take on challenges, but what if we felt secure as a result of having the courage to cut the rope first and wholeheartedly commit to something? Sécurisé might not be a guarantee of future safety, but rather a "desert oasis" that emerges as a process of fulfillment in the present moment. No one can feel secure or safe at the edge of a cliff. However, there might be people who can find the composure to laugh at their seriousness. I want to live my life without forgetting the courage to let go of care and face the abyss that lies beyond caring for others.

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June 8, 2024
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