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Cover art for Carency's song: Penia




We often live without being consciously aware of how past experiences are influencing our present selves. However, just like underground streams suddenly welling up to the surface, these experiences can unexpectedly strike us and completely transform our worldview. The protagonist of this story, since childhood, has struggled earnestly with the world and was deeply wounded in the process. Then, one day, she found herself compelled to accept the act of extreme fasting as a means to cope with her pain. The days when she had no choice but to express her inner turmoil by harming her own body must have been incredibly painful. Yet, with the support of her beloved family, she gradually regained hope for life and is now challenging herself with new endeavors, even attempting to overcome those walls. This song was played solely for her, with the hope that she, once again, reconciles with the world. I earnestly wish for her to rediscover the meaning of life and to enjoy it in her own way. Rather than seeking to understand the phenomena causing pain, we can find meaning even on difficult days by facing ourselves in pain. If we can properly acknowledge the pain, we can learn from it. This is a challenging task and something that cannot be done without the support of others. I want to extend the utmost respect to those facing their pain everywhere in the world and offer this song as a message of support.

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December 27, 2023
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