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Cover art for Carency's song: Life




Life is like a physalis. As the fruit of the physalis plant grows larger, the calyx also develops significantly, enveloping the fruit. When this mature calyx is soaked in water, only the leaf veins remain in a net-like pattern, becoming an indescribably beautiful ornament. The physalis, powerfully, fleetingly, and beautifully envelop the fruit that will live on to the next generation. As I was captivated by its delicate patterns, I reflected on society's unending progression. Whether we like it or not, we grow under someone’s protection, eventually nurturing and encasing something of value to us, only to wither away. This process, repeated endlessly and set to continue, poses a question: do we live with the attitude of "That’s life" as something imposed upon us, or do we adopt the mindset of "This is life," taking it upon ourselves with resolve? I felt as though the physalis was asking me this very question. In ancient Greece, life came to possess a dual nature by excluding the biological body, or zoē, to the household (oikos) and thematizing the political body or bios. These two aspects, through a winding and intricate historical journey, now constitute my present Life. The sense of responsibility and mission of countless famous and unknown, predecessors have thickly protected the immature fruit of the next society, much like the calyx of a physalis, nurturing our current existence. Couldn’t it be said that Life is encompassed within the physalis? Having been nurtured in such a manner, I find myself living hurriedly in this modern society, constantly preoccupied with the trivialities of daily life without a moment to recognize my fundamental responsibility. However, as a physalis representing Life, I am fully aware that I hold only relative validity. Still, I can live consciously, embracing "the present moment." Together with the neighboring physalis, I strive to weave beautiful patterns and desperately protect the precious fruit, all while wishing to leisurely enjoy the refreshing breeze.

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May 24, 2024
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