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According to a certain philosopher, the existence of oneself is a "convergence of multiple rhythms" and surprisingly, it seems not to be something firmly established. The boundary of "me," which feels this much immediacy, is ambiguous, and it's said that it's difficult to define where begins and ends, unable to clearly distinguish between the inside and outside. Learning about this idea, I reflected on my current life, where I belong to different communities while having various facets. If we think of each place as a layer, it can be said that by weaving layers upon layers, I am "brought to life." Each layer of myself is imperfect while still being myself, and for those who have lost sight of their overall identity, it may lead to significant fluctuations and losses in identity. When faced with the question of what oneself is, I find it necessary to temporarily distance myself from activities in each layer and take an overarching view of "something like myself." While I have not yet reached a state where things are quite good overall, I realized that, while playing this tune, it's possible to overlay each layer anew. If inclined, it's also possible to let go. Perhaps this is what the philosopher earlier referred to as the convergence of rhythms.

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November 26, 2023
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