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Cover art for Acutek's song: Remember




This is a special track for me and leaves me a bit vulnerable but I feel it's something I need to get out there. I lost my grand father back in January and I wrote this on the morning he passed, knowing what was around the corner. In the moment it started as an ambient track and I recorded a story I can remember from my childhood. I've been working on it since and finally finished, ready to share. He was an amazing carpenter and this is what he loved to do, create art out of nothing. The cover image of this track is a horse he has carved. It felt only right to upload this as a 1/1 on Catalog for his art to live on as he was one of a kind. Art is meant to be shared and evoke emotion, Remember is very close to my heart and I hope you enjoy. Acutek

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November 12, 2023
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