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Cover art for Xcelencia's song: Tabu 01 - ♾️

Tabu 01 - ♾️



Tabú marks the first official release from INFINITE and my first Music NFT of 2022. This is the 1/1 of the song. On Mirror I launched editions as a visual & musical art piece. story: Tabu is a latin future funk inspired by some of my favorites, like Daft Punk and The Weeknd. Music NFTs spark my creativity and remove the hesitance whenever I have new music to bring to the world. My songwriting/recording process is very spontaneous, Tabú was pure energy, I recorded the song in less than two hours and sent it out to produce the very next day. My producer Daniel (Shine) in Argentina knows what I am capable of and has been pushing me to explore other genres to elevate my sound and Tabú is the result of one of many styles we are exploring to drop as a part of Infinite.  Collector additions: - receive $EQUIS - specialty print of the artwork. - downloadable .wav file - future $INFINXTE token airdrop. Written and recorded by Calixto Gabriel Bravo (Xcelencia) Produced by Daniel Nicolas Pavet (Shine)

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January 27, 2022
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