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Vitalii Dominichenko
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“We live in a series of infinite nows, which are always dying, and always being reborn. To be immersed in this reality is to be transformed, for it is there that eternity is available.” [Alan Watts] Everything in our Universe is vibrating. Any solid form is energy in its essence, vibrating non-stop. Cymatics science discovers how sound can affect matter, build and hold forms. Psychosomatic medicine empirically approves the assumption that our daily thoughts and emotions affect our physiology. And to be healthy, a person needs to heal the root reasons for diseases that are hidden inside. Except changing matter, music affects the mood, mental and emotional state. The more balanced are mind and emotions, the more balanced life and healthy the person is. Balance is integrity. My recent music is the essence of my experiences of sound healing and energy work practiced for myself and my loved ones. This is about supporting the inner state to stay balanced even when something unexpected or stressful happens in life. I started meditating 11 years ago and I know how inner stillness and balance are important (even essential) for a happy and healthy life.
 My music compositions empower people to heal their physiological, emotional, and mental issues, help them to reveal their spiritual being, their true nature, and their deepest strength in life It can be used for personal or group listening, during a massage or an energy healing session, in the spa or holistic-approached medical institutionі. When sick, the person recovers faster if listens to this music in the background for at least a couple of hours a day. It happens because when relaxed and balanced the body and mind heal faster. My brother Ihor helped me with production and mastering and my wife Iia created this charming cover image with a ball pen, pencils, and minor digital post-production. 
Contents of the Eternity composition: 100% LIVE records of a forest water stream, duduk, guitalele, cello, bells, reed pipe, jew’s harp, karatal. Created with love during the meditation. 💚 The Tiers: ∆ EARTHLY FRIEND ∆ ≈ 0.5 ETH ˚ 1/1 NFT HQ File ˚ HQ Cover image 5000x5000px ˚ Private access to the full album “Heaven on Earth” (2021). More info: ∆ COSMIC COMPANION ∆ ≈ 1.0 ETH ˚ All above ˚ Sound-Healing Composition on Personal request up to 10 min length ∆ STELLAR EXPLORER ∆ ≈ 1.5 ETH ˚ All above ˚ Online-Consultation about creating my music and any of the instruments I play* (30min) ∆ GALACTIC VOYAGER ∆ ≈ 2.0 ETH ˚ All above ˚ Throat & Overtone singing online private lesson** (1,5h)
 ∆ UNIVERSAL GUIDE ∆ ≈ 3.0 ETH ˚ All above ˚ Transpersonal Coaching session*** (1,5h) for any personal request * I play 15+ instruments including guitar, cello, duduk, bansuri, suling, tongue drum, kalimba, block-flute, tabla, djembe, darbuka, reed pipe, jew’s harp, drum set, and other percussions. ** I practice throat and overtone singing for healing and meditation since 2014. *** I am a member of TCTN and certified by Alef Trust (UK) Transpersonal Coaching psychologist and practitioner. More info: 
 All the files and links will be sent to your email address after the purchase. 
P.S. Your purchasing of this NFT will generously support my further development and education in this field! 🙏
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June 23, 2021

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