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Hello beat nerds and collectors - this is my first NFT, a tune titled 'DayUno"... This beat is weird; featuring space age sound design and deep, driving drums. But be warned ... the rhythms of "Out There" may just transport you to another dimension As the follow-up to 4 successful vinyl releases, I'm turning my release type on its head to bring you this one-of-one NFT. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this unique and experimental track to your collection. This beat was from a series of beats with the same vibe produced in about 2018, the very tall end of the Sound Cloud golden days... this beat is basically a nasty & raw Juno 106 solo over my SP404sx chugging out a thick drum loop. The chords in the back are my old Rhodes MKii, which has since left the studio, but I miss its ability to record really dissonant and crunchy chords which somehow still fit harmonically into the mix. Overall its a really harmonically dense tune with a bunch of rhythmic space to make up for it. I love the balance of time & space here. I chose this track as the title "DayUno" is pretty clearly just "Day One", which narratively fits into my first day venturing into the Web3 world. Wish me luck.
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December 31, 2022
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