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Cover art for VÉRITÉ's song: Underdressed




this NFT is a 1/1 for the recording of underdressed.. underdressed was the first single from my third EP, living. it's release was a moment where i cemented my foundation as a career independent artist. with the purchase of this NFT, the owner will be able to opt into receiving an additional unique NFT recording(s). the arrangement and experience tied to the recording will be based on the amount of the final bid. the collector will be able to choose if and how the recording gets released. 2 ETH = underdressed 1/1 NFT with option to redeem a thank you letter. 3 ETH = option to redeem an acoustic piano performance recording of underdressed. 10 ETH = option to redeem a live, orchestrated performance recording of underdressed & all the above.

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Date Pressed
September 23, 2021
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