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Cover art for urboiari's song: play quiet

play quiet



This was a real Harcourt Paloma moment! Sat down in the living room/studio at 105 and I watched as Jed and Kaleb conjured the chords for this song. I scrambled to the computer to hook things up and get a recording of the space. Jared sat in his room upstairs and we recorded him playing a solo on my dictophone. Somehow it all turned into this beautiful ballad. -- quiet quiet down i’m trying not to be so loud anymore when i left town i wanted to keep my distance from the past life so as i pass by i won’t be looking through the glass if i know it might just bring me back why why do i i only do the things that make me feel good i should be patient i should be waiting instead of circling around i should be i should be patient! i won’t throw pressure on the time when i know i’m getting by alright ooh and i’ll find something else to do beside waiting round for you it’s fine i’ll build it up and then in time i’m looping back again

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February 8, 2023
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