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nap time

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The first single from my debut EP. So proud of us for making this song, might be my favorite piece I've made ever. I still love Russian Ridge, and being able to see the cities from the top of the hill. Sun going down, we encountered a mountain lion and scurried back to the car where the park rangers were waiting for us. We had stayed past curfew and I didn't have my license yet, made up a lie about leaving it at home. They let us go. And then we took a nap at the Airbnb off of University. Woke up sun shining through hahaha... you know how the song goes. I don't think about it like that anymore. It's good feels, and when I went back to your house vacant I was gutted. But glad I got to see you when I did. <3 Thank you Aaron for helping me record this and bouncing between decisions the whole way through. Kaleb for your grounding touch. Nolan for playing two takes and giving the song years of life. Jason for making 10 versions with me and then stripping it back to nothing. And Jed for the ears w the mix/master.
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November 29, 2022
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