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Cover art for tyler coolidge's song: NIMBUS LAND


tyler coolidge


another loosie from 2017 in which i apparently felt the need to prove how much i could rappity-rap lol. these are definitely a few of my favorite bars ever in here, namely "all that huffin' and puffin' don't make you Cedric Diggory / y'all merely chasers, I'm a keeper, like how i keep her when you seek her" ... in retrospect this was a cool song concept--talking about how a lot of the competition in hip-hop at my then-soundcloudish level were "here one day, gone next day" and "we can see you coming, we can see you go" then relating those things to these people as "just another cloud in the sky..." i was definitely on some irritated/slightly hating sh*t lmao. good good times (also shoutout to anybody who knows what "nimbus land" is from <3)

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February 25, 2023
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