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Cover art for Travis Wyche's song: Wind Song

Wind Song

Travis Wyche


Oh noble-violent invisible greatness, unforgiving air pressures against calcium and adobe, tentacular pneumatic fingers wafting through undiscovered weaknesses, your smell of wet elsewhere, ungraspable overwhelm, inhuman roar raging across pure distance, show us your gold black flashes, ominous overhead moisture silos, twirling hyperobject shredding away the dignity between disembodied contemplators, you are a cold that cannot be befriended, primordial bass, hellish trebles, paleontological screams, hail felled mutely in the moondust. - Guitar, bass, harmonium, drums, homemade gong = by TW - Track 5/8 = Landscapes for New Mexico - Recorded, mixed, & mastered off-grid in the Carson National Forest Dec23-Feb24 - Visual landscape by TW, part of a larger series crafted concurrently

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February 21, 2024
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