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Cover art for Travis Wyche's song: Pastoral Portraiture

Pastoral Portraiture

Travis Wyche


A counterpoint to chaos though no less distributed, uncanny comforts of profound stillness, Mountain Bluebirds welcoming from lost gate posts, vast voids ever-filling powdered warmth, hommage to the pauses between Ennio Morricone’s breakfast reveries, mingling of bone chime dangles and hummingbird choreography, grotesque timelessness, sensing all paths as labyrinths, sitting still while the hills run, that moment of epiphany upon the mound, near the illustrated walls, longing for light filled caves. - Guitar, bass, tambourine, triangle, mellotron = by TW - Track 6/8 = Landscapes for New Mexico - Recorded, mixed, & mastered off-grid in the Carson National Forest Dec23-Feb24 - Visual landscape by TW, part of a larger series crafted concurrently

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February 21, 2024
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