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Cover art for Travis Wyche's song: Canyon Towhee Song

Canyon Towhee Song

Travis Wyche


In early summer, wiping the hibernation from the eyes, waking up to an ecstatic pulse of sunbeams passing through atmospheric scrim, of scintillating insects and Brownian motion pollen fog dusting across stratified layers of perception, of the mist rising from gurgling tributaries, the swaying of Apache plumes, the buzzing of cicadas, weaving together in a matrix-song tapestry, the sun rings a bell upon the loom, the piñon whistles the weft into tune. - Guitar, bass, sleigh bells, cymbals, mellotron = by TW - Track 1/8 = Landscapes for New Mexico - Recorded, mixed, & mastered off-grid in the Carson National Forest Dec23-Feb24 - Visual landscape by TW, part of a larger series crafted concurrently

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February 21, 2024
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