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Cover art for Travis Wyche's song: Ascending and Descending Sagebrush Ocean

Ascending and Descending Sagebrush Ocean

Travis Wyche


Crisp silver dew approach of autumn, subtle shifts in new purples and eye burst pinks on minty sage dropping their fragment death blooms, dawn portraits of stillness, sepia tone avian visitors, a neuroelastic time-space inviting bitter tea and sweet thinking, undulating foundations, aching melancholy of distant mountain peaks, early snow evaporating on warm caliche. - Guitar, bass, drums, mellotron = by TW - Track 3/8 = Landscapes for New Mexico - Recorded, mixed, & mastered off-grid in the Carson National Forest Dec23-Feb24 - Visual landscape by TW, part of a larger series crafted concurrently

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February 21, 2024
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