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Cover art for Trackademicks's song: Lover




I’m beyond excited to present my genesis NFT throughout all of the metaverse, right here for the first time on Catalog! “Lover” is a playful reminder that we are the sum total of our dreams, aspirations, and experiences and when the moment comes where the universe is ready to reciprocate the energy we’ve sent out, not to second guess it. It's already ours. So have fun with it. 🤘🏾 Credits: Produced, Written, Arranged, Performed, Mixed, Mastered by Trackademicks. Recorded at The Academy South, Los Angeles, CA. Artwork by Akrhymesarvin and Trackademicks. NFT Details: = 1ETH [Reserve] -WAV/AIFF file of the song - Artwork -Liner Notes -Lyrics = 2ETH ( all of the above) -Instrumental -Acapella -Song Stems = 3ETH ( all of the above) -Personal Video Message. A one-of-one, one-to-one video message about the song, this being my first NFT, and more info about the specifics of the Bonus $ENS Subdomain. Video will be recorded promptly after the initial sale of this NFT. -Bonus! Another NFT wrapped in this sale! $ENS Subdomain, ❤️.Trackademicks.eth. This token grants the holder additional access into Trackademicks’ inner circle and future membership perks.

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November 12, 2021
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