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Suddenly I see myself reflected in the glass of my phone, I see what I'm doing. I'm ranting again, it looks like. But it feels right to vent about this weird and fucked up world. It feels right to let these thoughts and theories out, to test them against others. My DoomTimelineTM rants are spontaneous bursts of energy that find their way out, potentially leading to a meaningful conversation with others, potentially hitting a deaf and blind wall. But if I don't share these insights, I get stuck. // But besides ranting on twitter about politics, climate change, human psychology, music industry, and other stuff that bugs me, what I really do in life is obviously this: I make music. But working on club music was really weird for a while during restrictions. It felt weird to make music that I couldn't experience in the setting I designed it for. But since then, I've been going to clubs again. I've been going out to hear others, and going out to play myself. It makes so much more sense for me to be making club music again now. So what better time for distorted 808s and breakbeats than right now?

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October 24, 2021
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