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Cover art for JDP's song: Throwing Stones ft D2G & TZ Duhh

Throwing Stones ft D2G & TZ Duhh



"Throwing Stones" Produced by: HOLLY Recorded in Chicago by: C.Rich at Complex 2010 Studios Mixed in Los Angeles by: MixedbyDC My newest single off my upcoming full length LP, featuring D2G on the hook and TZ Duhh on the second verse. ------- Lyrics Throwing Stones ft D2G x TZ Hook You been throwing stones like it's going out style Tell somebody fuck around and find out Ain't this what you wanted right now Ain’t this what you wanted right now Why dont you just SMILE x2 Verse 1 Black boy you a young man You a crash test boy you a stunt man When the drums starts you the front man In a moshpit looking like jump man W/a pretty bitch you met last week Got her old gut turned into her ass cheeks You gon run it up you a athlete Finna smoke weed right before the track meet But then as soon as I hit it I'm tripping over the vision they say don't make em no difference you'll never make the olympics the cynicism will get you before the liquor you sippin who got a pot I can piss in who got a door I can kick it I wanna scream at somebody who got a body who listen too many bodies go missing, go tell em somebody miss em while I sneak into the back door really the trap door, and wait til they ask me what are you mad for Hook TZ Verse Hook

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March 29, 2024
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