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Cover art for tesshenley's song: La La Land (at home version)

La La Land (at home version)



Written by Tess Henley & Jesse Boykins III Produced and Mixed by Tess Henley La La Land (at home version) is another song from my at home series, which was sparked by the pandemic and a personal challenge to reimagine my music at home. From my BETTER EP, La La Land marked my initial move to Los Angeles. Ultimately this city has become a place for me to grow as a person and in my art. I have learned a lot here, and am forever grateful for all of the lessons…good and bad. The song describes both sides of the coin for me: at first, unsure if it was where I truly wanted to be. Missing family and friends, fresh air, open space and the green views of the PNW (still miss all). As time went on, I found the spots, the people (important), and discovered the wide variety of little gems that showed me the beauty of LA. There’s so much to explore when you start looking. I believe in finding the joy in where you are…and that goes beyond just geographic location. Not to say it’s always easy. It’s definitely not. Sometimes just a day by day thing, even by the minute on some days. Sometimes it’s just doing your best to hang in there.

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April 7, 2022
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