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Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi won the inaugural YouTube Award for Best Music Video for her song “Say It’s Possible” and went on to release albums independently and with Universal Music and Island Records. In July 2021, Terra reclaimed her publishing from Universal Music, released a new version of “Say It’s Possible” on innovative blockchain platform Async Art and earned more revenue in one week than her former label and publisher earned with the same song in fifteen years. An early adopter of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Terra began to create multimedia NFT projects and collaborations in February 2021. Her first audiovisual pieces, Adaptation and Currency, are part of the $WHALE vault. In addition to her own artistic career, Terra is an advisor to Async Art, the web3 Marketing Lead for Authentic Artists/WarpSound_AI, and web3 Lead for XPRIZE. Terra is passionate about helping to pave the path for true creative autonomy and self-actualization, made possible through blockchain technology.
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