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After decades of research and international efforts, for the first time in human history, contact was made with life found in the Andromeda Galaxy (year 2094). Following this historical convergence, humanity was blessed with extraordinary technology and new laws of creation [AxT]. These foreign technologies allowed for stunning new innovations to be made by Earth’s best scientists and researchers, some of the most notable being planetary revitalization and biological regeneration through medicine. E.S is humanity's first ever virtual interactive program, developed by the Multinational Neurology and Mental Health Committee (year 2095). Leading psychologists and researchers created the FIRST MODULE of Endless Smile; ADA, a fictional being designed for self improvement and increased awareness. ADA would help members of society become more aware, cognisant, and accepting. Each new module or update [PLUS ULTRA] that is integrated into "ES" [Endless Smile] would add information, but could never replace any virtual event. Everything would have to be as close to our known reality as possible [rem]. *SIXTH MODULE: PLUS ULTRA - NEO SUBCULTURE. "NEO SUBCULTURE" is a set of knowledge, ideas, and traditions that characterize a sector, a social class, and an era of virtual reality. However, this update deviates from its predecessors in that it has an emphasis on creative thought and cognitive divergence. Thus, the concept of a dystopian/cyberpunk world was brought into the limelight, with this lifestyle gaining attraction from many new minds who integrated with this new module. The Wave movement was the most prominent consequence of this new update. A new digital subculture was created. This compilation contains music that was extracted from that reality, and a sample of the diverse creativity the Neo Subculture Module forged in many individuals. This song is the introduction to the index within the REM user program, where you can find the complete catalog and real-time chronology of events in ES and the external world.

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October 31, 2023
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