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The third in the Interior series. Owner of this NFT will gain access to the "Interior Club VIP" discord. About Translation: The final track on Interior, and rather than end with a turn towards more quiet, introspective tones (which is traditionally how I tend to end records), I wanted to end with a bit of a celebration. This song has gone through a number of different variations, but it wasn’t until I dropped in the microsamples and extended sax solo at the end that it really hit the mark. This one does demand something from the listener though. The kick drum doesn’t even come in until the 3:30 mark. I do think people will be rewarded if they’re able to really live in the world of the song for the first half, until the big party comes in. The quiet parts of a song make the loud parts hit even harder, right? To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this type of big, positive ending was the right fit for this record, but I’m really glad the folks at Cascine convinced me to not only keep it on the record, but have it wrap the whole experience up.
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November 23, 2021

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