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Cover art for Teen Daze's song: Swimming


Teen Daze


The first in the Interior series. Owner of this NFT will gain access to the "Interior Club VIP" discord. About Swimming: This is one of the first songs I made for this record, some three years ago. It benefited so much from Joel Ford’s (who mixed the record) guidance. When I first sent him the original demos he said he could hear slivers of “early 2000s French house music”, even though I was hearing was colder, more modular-based synth sounds. Anyways, that note sent me down a rabbit hole which resulted in the record you’re hearing today, and Swimming is one of the songs that benefitted most from that note. This track is truly meant for a dance floor. I’ve spent a lot of the last few years trying to craft “ambient music that you could dance to”, but this one is about as close as I get to a DJ tool.

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October 27, 2021
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