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Teen Daze
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The final in the Interior series. Owner of this NFT will gain access to the "Interior Club VIP" discord. About Interior: Another one of the original demos from 2018, which was meant to be another exploration of looped modular sounds, with no real dancefloor aspirations. The thing that really changed that was Joel’s bass part. That part took it from this meandering, meditative, drifting tune, to one of the most dancefloor-ready songs on the whole record. This one’s also got this wild cyberpunk feel to me; I’ve described this record as “the kind of music the kids in Akira would have danced to at the clubs in Neo Tokyo”, and this tune most exemplifies that. There’s a “night music” feel going on here. The field recording at the end was taken outside of a club in LA. I was waiting for a car, and heard some people excitedly describing the night, and just had to capture it. It’s a special feeling, that’s finally starting to return. It also just sounds like LA to me: the neon-feel, the sound of cars passing, it all just makes me think of all the beautiful late night experiences I’ve had in that city.
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December 10, 2021

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