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2 AM (Real Love)

Teen Daze
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Catalog certified

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The second in the Interior series. Owner of this NFT will gain access to the "Interior Club VIP" discord. About 2 AM (Real Love): This song came about in really unique way for me: I had created an instrumental track, a very balearic-feeling, downtempo track, that had almost a touch of a Sade vibe to it? Anyways, I ended up sampling that track and creating something that sounded like it fit in the world of the record a lot better. I also knew I wanted to have Cecile add vocals to at least one of the tracks on this record, and this one was the perfect fit. Her and I did a couple tours together in 2017, and I truly think she’s a genius. She has an incredible amount of control over her voice, but her talents far exceed just the technical ability to sing. The melodies and textures she creates are truly unreal to me. I had no doubt in my mind what she would send back to me would be perfect, and it really was.
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November 17, 2021

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