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Cover art for tayf3rd's song: i smoke i drank i jerk

i smoke i drank i jerk



“TayF3rd, I ride for the beach, and I cant end this without 'Free YG!'” “i smoke i drank i jerk,” is the official 1/1 NFT of the viral dance culture classic we all know and love by King of the Jerk, TayF3rd. the top bidder wins VIP tix to Once Upon a Time in LA on December 18th! watch Tayf3rd live alongside his uncle Snoop, 50, YG, Al Green, and more. In 2009, Tay linked with LA legend DJ Felli Fel, who remastered the song Tay had originally recorded in a cereal box ("lucky charms...there was a hole in it," Tay recalls). When Felli Fel put out the remastered version, it went giga viral... and the rest is West Coast history. Tay went off so hard on this track it’s still a trending topic over 10 years later. Even Google Search Trends picked up +300% activity in the past few weeks. to this day, though repped by Snoop Dogg and LA radio legend Big Boy, Tay has never signed a record deal and retains rights to 100% of his music. though new to the web3 market, Tay’s cut from a cloth of independence and originality that makes him perfectly suited for it. future modern invites you to digitally collect this moment in musical history that lets you access the artist at present in real life, as in, literally tomorrow with a VIP ticket to Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles fest! take part in this west coast cultural treasure and tap in.

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December 17, 2021
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