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Desperate Weather

Talk Time
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People are interconnected. The more we live and learn about our world, the more we're convinced it’s not just people — but the universe that is a fabric that is all connected, entities that are part of bigger entities, life on this planet, the stars and beyond — we’re all part of the same thing. At some point Edson was hate watching a lot of TV news, politics of weather and how the earths climate and the world economic climate will be brutal in a few decades. This song came out of that period, and writing it gave way to a mantra to use when bummed out by our modern maladies. ----- Personnel: Co-produced by Math Bishop Mastered by Ian Sefchick at Capitol Studios Vocals, Guitars, Bass: Edson Choi Guitars, Synths: Mike Nissen Additional players: Drums: Andrew Smith Keys/synths: Derek Howa art/design: Mike Nissen copyright ©2022 Talk Time ----- Lyrics: Well I saw it in your face I know you are going nowhere And those little bad thoughts And temptations In the faces you wear Avenues crossing you Baby we were so very clever Hollow youth haunting you Or maybe its the desperate weather? Take a look at your life Can we step in the light Can we keep it together? Take a look at your life Can we step in the light Will we keep it together Ever? No? Keep me strange And awake in this Ocean of cells Prearranged for mistakes And a need for some help We all need some help There'll be no one else Animals on the loose Safe to say it feels like a failure Hollywood on a noose Maybe we can be something better Take a look at your life Can we step in the light Will we keep it together?
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December 5, 2022
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