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Cover art for Sophia Alexa's song: kids


Sophia Alexa


hi guys !! i’m sophia alexa, and ‘kids’ is my second ever release as an artist. i wrote this song about a friendship from my childhood that started to get sour because of distance and us changing throughout the years. i was looking at old photos, and I started to relive our friendship and how easy it was. it brought up old memories like listening to my favourite Bob Dylan songs and spending our summers together. although nostalgia can feel sad, it can also remind you of the good times. this song is wishing everything could return to normal and knowing deep down that change is inevitable. i hope you can relate to it and enjoy it! since I pressed my first record on Catalog, which was my genesis NFT, i’ve tried to soak up as much information as possible about the web 3.0 space by tuning into podcasts, taking part in twitter spaces and becoming active in several discord servers. compared to most social media platforms, everyone is so supportive of each other! I'd love to bring more songwriters and artists from my world into this space and show them there is another, new and exciting way to connect with an audience and be appreciated for the work they do. i am also looking forward to setting up my own discord to give space to songwriters and artists to collaborate by sharing lyrics, melodies and giving each other feedback! It’s such an exciting world that I want more people to be a part of. i hope you love the song, and it connects with you! 1.5 ETH = option for the original owner to to redeem a 1/1 ‘Kids’ tote bag embroidered by me which I’ll mail to you anywhere in the world - see here:

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January 24, 2022
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