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'forest element' is from the komorebi era. for this record we went to a small cabin in mendocino, CA. for 12 days we would wake up, take small hikes with our guitars, and then settle into writing for the day. the large wooden room had a fireplace, which we would keep burning as we drank a lot of tea and made komorebi. this song was written, produced and recorded in that cabin, using found objects and some of the natural room tone. -------------------------------------------- oh, my little odyssey i want a place to lie down please hold together hold together mimicking the fallen leaves i know its how i used to be lose yourself don’t lose yourself ——— its foreign ill forage for all that is forerun i know that the longer i run —— time will start to melt ill run it off talking with myself ill run it off hoping all is well now ill run someday ill be there to laugh it off under hazy care ill have it all knowing all is well now ——— now you go to manifest and give yourself a little rest rolling through the chest of the forest and ill go myself heeded no one else i built my heart to something i can share its foreign ill forage for all that is forerun i know that the longer i run a seedling chuck pieces ill feed in those seasons
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February 17, 2022

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