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Cover art for Shae District's song: Grid Lines

Grid Lines

Shae District


TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING Grid Lines is our most revised track to date, two years in the making. Six different versions until we settled on what you hear now. The song started off in 2020 as a 9 minute instrumental. It was our first attempt at making something trance/progressive oriented and to be quiet frank, we loved it. The only issue was, the track didn’t really have much life to it at the time. It wasn’t until our friend from the artist group Last Heroes joined us in the studio that the track got its legs. We chipped away at it and created new version after new version until we reached something we were really proud of. Our most favorite track to date and, one of our most favorite to perform live. It was a testament to who we had become, not just as songwriters, but as people. Throughout the track we kept the elements of progressive house and trance, allowing it to breath when it called for it rather than rush it into something compact and digestible simply for the sake of commercial success. A slow emotive build of tension minute after minute, second after second, until it finally releases into a smooth club rhythm. The section in the middle is arguably the height of the track with layers and layers of vocals and little backing production. Our friend and collaborator Mellavora said it quite well, “This is when the heavens open and a voice from above speaks directly to your soul.” THE MUSIC VIDEO It’s difficult to describe what making this video felt like. It was one of those moments where while creating it we were seeing ourselves grow in real time. We sat down with our long time collaborator and friend Hudson Ratzlaff to 3D render the video. We knew we wanted to create something otherworldly without being too disconnected from reality. "Create the surreal from the real.” This was our motto throughout the entire creative process and we are thrilled with how this manifested. Below you can see the “abandoned laboratory” vision we had. Wires strewn from rubbled pillars, all leading to a center door with a mysterious light emanating from it. What was this an area for? Where is this? Why are these jelly fish still inhabiting the space, dancing around it in an almost ritualistic way? These are the things we asked ourselves and leaned into as we brought to life what was in our minds. CATALOG OWNER The owner of this 1/1 NFT will receive: - GA ticket for themselves and a friend to a future Shae District headline show. Thank you for your support and belief in this project. With the proceeds raised from our past Catalog releases we’ve been able to expedite the creative process by subsidizing expenses (audio engineering, marketing, visual accompanying art, and live performance fees). We plan to continue this and create at the highest level possible.

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