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Cover art for Roberto Musci's song: Deep Red Jellyfish

Deep Red Jellyfish

Roberto Musci


Jellyfish are very ancient animals. Jellyfish fossils have been found dating back more than 550 million years ago (Cambrian period), 250 million years before dinosaurs appeared on earth. Some of them are considered eternal animals, being able to transform themselves from jellyfish to polyps, in an eternal life cycle. When man and all other animals will be extinct on earth, jellyfish will be the only living beings that will populate our planet and, perhaps, will also learn to fly, living not only in the water but also in the air. And when jellyfish sleep, they often dream of music... Jellyfish is an audio & visual digital project in 3 parts on 3 Nft digital sales platforms : - 3 music NFT published on Makersplace at : : -"Lion's mane jellyfish" - music : Duduk , Synth -"Portuguese man o' war" - music : Bendir , El.Guitar , Synth -"Moon jelly" - music : Kalimba , Voice , Synth - 1 NFT formed by 24 different images that changes every hours during the 24 hours of the day, published on Async art at : - A musical NFT published on at : "Deep Red Jellyfish" - music : Synth , Stria , Buchla , Glide Verb , Voice For information about the project , visit : For more information about my Nft and my music , visit :

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June 2, 2023
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