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Cover art for RMS's song: SAY NOTHING




Written, produced & engineered by RMS. About the record: “SAY NOTHING” is a song that celebrates saying less and allowing actions to speak louder. It’s a reminder that sometimes saying too much in order to please others is often rooted in validation-seeking behavior, while learning to settle into silent action helps us instead become rooted in confidence where we can be at peace with our truth. Collector’s Perks: 1. Canvas print of cover art 2. Access to collector’s-only chat/community 3. Get to decide which song I drop on Catalog next (if you want)! 4. Video call with me to chat or collaborate! About me: I’m Rohan aka RMS, an Indian-American hip hop artist and filmmaker based in NJ. I’m obsessed with merging conceptual lyricism with cinematic soundscapes to tell my story. Much love to the web3 community for supporting independent artists on the come-up. Honored to be an artist and contributor in the space, and this is just the beginning!

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November 1, 2022
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