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Cover art for Richie Hawtin's song: Concept 1 96:11 00:00

Concept 1 96:11 00:00

Richie Hawtin

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Originally recorded and released in 1996, Concept 1’s monthly releases documented a year of sonic experimentation. Each month I would record as much music as possible with a strict and limited selection of technology. Gone were the typical “Hawtin” combination of TR808, TR909 and TB303’s which had driven the techno tracks I had become known for under my F.U.S.E. and Plastikman aliases, replaced by a striped down selection centered around three Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencers and 5 panels of Serge modular racks. This year-long experiment ended up being the beginning of a new minimalistic phase and set the foundation for the Plastikman Consumed album. This unreleased exploratory groove, "96:11 00:00”, was written on November 19, 1996 and was a testing ground for the shuffled 909 programming that appears on the released Concept 1 "96:11 21:00" track, as well as featuring the feedback textures that appeared on the final Concept 1 release "96:12 24:00”. As the original Concept 1 release was limited to a specific number of physical releases, I thought that it would be an appropriate continuation of its concept to release this track as an edition of 1 NFT, using it as another exploratory move in this developing eco-system. Video about Concept 1 Original Concept 1 release on Audius
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March 29, 2021

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