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THROWED! 2.0 (Instrumental)

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yo :) this is the instrumental to THROWED!, a song i created alongside my friend BadAlphabet, an amazing artist and human being. I made this beat on a whim one day while I was experimenting with new styles. I use a lot of bass guitar and neo-soul / gospel chords on the piano but i usually drown it all out with a huge 808 or crazy processed drums lol this is the first song i'm releasing where i wanted to communicate just a groove and a feeling of smoothness. comfort and lush vibes, not dance breaks or extreme hype energy LMAO how BA landed on the track was due to the magical connections and community in the outsider discord. One of the first communities in the web3 music scene that really is pioneered towards uplifting everyone and making sure everybody eats. I was playing some stuff in the discord VC and when BA heard this beat, he was like: I NEED that. Sent him over the beat, he ATE , and the rest is history. Whoever collects the beat, me and B.A. are releasing the song very very sooon so I would love to give you the full version for free, plus the WAV file so you can listen anywhere you would like. *also hit me up in the DMs on twitter as I have a special offer for you* anyone who listens to this I hope you have a beautiful day night mornin rising whatever you call it and know that you are not alone in this journey. you will achieve every endeavor and every dream you set your mind to. keep shining your light. - rem/c Artwork: Image of Galaxies found in NASA's Public Domain Image Library
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August 24, 2022
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