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hallo heyo hi this is staminup, last bounce since 01/20/23. i played this in future surf a lil bit ago and loved how everyone was connecting and expressing gratitude for sharing the moment. so i am investing my energy to release this beat into the world! i intend to start a new journey of matinees and soirees under my new brand: iNRG. which is an abbreviation for IMMINENT ENERGY :) with this release. The plan is to make a more intimate experience of creating environments for artists, fans, collectors, all humans to connect. this song has the beat arranged (which is the sound recording here) and i have a topline nested in the ableton file. the idea is to build this song in public, similar to the experience of watching your favorite theme park ride get built or seeing that new speedway getting built everyday after work when you're rolling on the highway. but for the progression of capturing musical moments before the finish sound recording. me and cy have been talking about how collectors and fans alike all want to join the journey in an intimate process and set up a process, where music lovers can unite in that experience of creating their favorite works of art. think about your favorite album, think about being able to say "I WAS HERE B4 THEY BLEW UP :P" like you all do.. but imagine being deeper in the story. being able to be a producer without necessarily needing all the skills. making you the next rick rubin or something hah. that's the type of energy i want the people who invest in my story to feel with me. i wanna be able to build an intimacy where we can share our memories beyond just a purchase. i'm a performance artist at heart and believe that the performance and the journey is REALLY the art. the token, spotify stream, merch, etc. is your piece from the gift shop. i will be writing more in a twitter thread about how the live experiences and woodshops will go, but here is the plan for this release. I am pricing this because i have invested so much energy into this beat so far and want to perform the full finished master at SXSW, LA, all the conferences and twitter spaces i can. So this investment will work as am investment in my housing and personal health/care from the 13th-21st of SXSW, invest in a new acoustic/electric nylon guitar to travel and perform with, invest in proper mixing/mastering of this song and invest in being able to start building i-NRG out IRL to convert into digi-physical experiences with you the audience and the performance artists. Estimates for each: -Lodging/Personal Care: $750 (Purchasing an Airbnb for me and my partner, Uber/Public Transportation investments, and Food/Meds/Hygeine cover) -Ibanez TOD10N Tim Henson Signature Guitar: $699 for the guitar on Sweetwater and GuitarCenter, will get protection plan for at least a year so totaling out with tax would be approximately $750 -Mixing/Mastering: $300 (I already have two mixing engineers and a mastering engineer on retainer) I haven't seen someone utilize their WIPs to build a deeper connection within the musical creation journey. To the collectors and listeners of my music, I am so excited to heal and be vulnerable with you all how i truly see fit. I feel the containment of love and intimacy is what is holding web3, but all of the music industry back from seeing what art truly is: expression, capturing our stories and experiences into a spectacle of time. It's time to see our stars combine. Build a galaxy of experiences, instead of dead ends from projects. Actually facetime and meet your collectors, ask for their opinions! bring them alongside the ride and become besties. like me and cy have, and like me and dutchy have, scorchy scorch, saiko, kaki, so many great people i have met.. i'm excited to get to know you all. to all the beautiful souls i have and intend to align with in the future, please. soon connect, imminently and intimately. remc (captured: 02/22/23 7:27AM EST)
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February 22, 2023
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