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Today is 02/17/2023. A year ago, i was boarding my flight to Denver to preform at Catalog's event at ETHDenver. I was there just for the day, got in performed and headed back home the next day. It was an eye opening experience for me because that was the first time i had traveled alone in about 3 years, and it was the first time i was flown out confidently as an artist and asked to preform. Very monumental into shaping the desires i have to grow as an artist today. The words and imminence in this audio message i feel are a direct reflection of accepting who i am in this moment and allowing myself to speak up more. I welcome more life changing opportunities to enter my life this year. I welcome peace and bliss to transform the negative cycles and patterns that i held so dearly before. I have struggled with addiction my entire life. I was surrounded by drugs, gambling/the chase of money, and other explicit things my whole life. Some of those things i'm still exposed to today. But this is the first time in my life that i have made it without any of my vices. I was able to identify my emotions, accept it, and continue on with my writing. I think that this is a grand privilege that i get to experience in my life. The act of total acceptance, the mastery of yin and yang. I'm still way at the beginning of my journey, but i am so thankful that i get to share it with others. For everyone that listens, use this as a reminder to be VULNERABLE, to say EVERYTHING, and to capture it all. I am so inspired by dutchy rn who has tapes and audio from when he was 15. I lost a lot of my younger relics due to being trans and burning or trashing it all. But the blockchain gives me a chance to re-define my story as i truly am and have them stored forever, with you all alongside the journey. The photo used is from a photographer that was taking pictures at the show during performances. I misplaced his name but I edited the photo.
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February 18, 2023
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