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this is a dramatic love song (cellular demo)

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Written, Sung, Produced by RAWRA (70% split) Mastered by Conor Dalton (30% split) Recorded on mixed media: iphone + Shure Microphone Upright piano + Vocals This song is my genesis music NFT drop on catalog. It was born from the grapples of a confusing situationship and one evening when I was alone by my childhood piano in my parents home. There, I allowed myself to express what I had been repressing in the situationship and this is a dramatic love song was born. From a place of deep healing for my soul and body, from a place of trust in my heart and my love, and from a place of curiosity of what my voice was trying to tell me; you are love, and you are enough. If you find yourself in a situationship that leaves you feeling crazy, frustrated, like you're losing yourself or being triggered, I hope that this song can remind you that you can ask for what you need, and if your needs are not met, you can walk the fuck away because you are enough and you should be with someone that wants to meet you where your heart is.
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November 11, 2022
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