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Cover art for R3LL's song: Gangster - (Instrumental Mix)

Gangster - (Instrumental Mix)



This track is the first track Co-Produced by Wild Party Co-founders PurpLeTariat and R3LL. The Wild Party Dao is an experimental community, Co founded by a dedicated team of veteran recording artists, producers, and blockchain devs, focused on building web 3 experiences for artists. Not only from the content creation side, but by funding projects that expand the web 3 music infrastructure. Focusing mainly on Metaverse shows the Wild Party Dao also conducts experiments in web 3 music distribution. The final version of this track will feature vocals for female New Jersey rapper Rell Rock, which purchasers of this NFT will get exclusive zoom access to studio sessions with R3LL and PurpLeTariat as they finish the track. Winners of the auction will also receive 10 free mints(at the launch of presale) from NFT Buddies the upcoming NFT project that will be the initial governance token of Wild Party Dao. For more info:

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February 18, 2022
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