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Cover art for QRTR's song: Want Me 2

Want Me 2



“Want Me 2” is the third track on the infina ad nausea LP, with the only recognizable lyrics being “I can do what you want me to.” This track is the funnel cloud, materializing into the storm. It’s the joy in relinquishing control. infina ad nausea is a play on latin terms “ad infinitum” and “ad nauseum.” I was trying to create a phrase to describe growing sick of a false feeling of permanence, as though you're living in a never ending loop.  Album title painted in VR by Logan Larkin. Album designed by NFT artist Jack Robinson. Album cover photo taken by Bren Haragan. Physical unlockables include a signed vinyl LP and an infina ad nausea long sleeved t-shirt. infina ad nausea written and produced in Brooklyn, NY by Meagan Rodriguez.

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November 11, 2021
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