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Buena (Palo Santo)

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“Buena (Palo Santo)” is my genesis track. Written and produced in 2016, it was the catalyst to releasing my first EP Absinthe Party. I wrote it while falling in love, both with an incredible person and this QRTR project. In early 2017, I played it for a colleague of mine, a composer named Khari Mateen, while we were both at Sundance for the premiere of a project we worked on together. He immediately told me to keep writing music and connected me to his favorite mixing/mastering engineer, Ryan Schwabe. Ryan mastered this track for me and most recently, he mastered my second album infina ad nausea. This track signifies a monumental shift in my life that I am still grateful for. It was the beginning of truly following my passions, and I feel like I can hear that every time I listen. To whomever collects this, please know: you are now part of this journey too. <3 Physical unlockables include the only 1/1 pressed vinyl of my EP Absinthe Party in existence and an Infinite Object of the album cover animation video art.
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October 20, 2021

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