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The Wild Forest Reigns

Eric Pan
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Catalog certified

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// Station 1 // Lore This lullaby speaks of home as the place where storms play. Its haunting melody exhorts the listener to take comfort in the unknown, in solitude, and even in danger. "There is safety in darkness / but not if you fear it" the only line that repeats. Evocative images appear in the song's bridge, in particular windswept cliffs by the sea and rain-drenched tree canopies towering above, swaying from fierce hurricanes in the darkness of night, providing no shelter or warmth. // Station 2 // Field Notes A striking and unusual song, especially as compared to the lullabies genre near-universally. We have found that most lullaby lyrics attempt a direct approach towards assuaging the fears of a loved one, through assurances of safety and expressions of care. In "The Wild Forest Reigns", the listener is reminded that she is alone, that her insignificance, amidst nature's awesome powers, is the thing to be celebrated. Though the words and music are not harsh, and in fact are at times quite beautiful, they also cannot be described to swaddle or coddle the intended audience. When we interviewed performers of this lullaby – found prevalently among cultures regardless of proximity to wilderness regions – we often encountered an ardent belief that this lullaby occupied an important place within the Pleiadians' sense of self-identification. Its comportment with that fierce and even rugged independence Pleiadians are known for sits nonetheless alongside a delighted, mirthful awareness that the dangers of the world hold their own unique power to affirm joy and life. // Station 3 // Collector Perks This is a 1/1 Catalog NFT track composed, performed, and pressed by Eric Pan (pandelic.eth). Every owner of a pandelic.eth Catalog NFT also receives unlimited, “golden ticket” download access to Eric's entire published music catalog, in resolutions up to MP3 V0 and lossless WAV. As of this pressing, this includes the following: + Travel Poems . Chapter 1 . Secret towns (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 2 . The night sea (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 3 . There is no path back (LP) + Lullabies of the Pleiades (EP) + goodnight margaret wise brown (single) + the year the shipwreck became beautiful (single) + Extras: full-resolution cover art, liner notes, music videos Every collector with golden-ticket status also has access to Eric Pan's future music+extras as they become published. Collectors ready to redeem downloads can email at any time for access, as well as in case of any questions. More expansive and exclusive perks will be unveiled over time.
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September 8, 2022
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