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Cover art for Eric Pan's song: Aeroglyph (Live)

Aeroglyph (Live)

Eric Pan


// Station 1 // Track Details Aeroglyph is the introductory verse for “The Awakening” live concert, featuring Eric Pan improvising on keyboards with atmospheric synth effects. Title and cover artwork take inspiration from “Aeroglyph6529” by Reuben Wu, with artwork subsequently “ReMemed” by Wintermute. “Aeroglyph6529” is Meme Card #7, minted in July 2022 under cc0, as part of SZN 1 of _The Memes by 6529_. Collection of this track pressing relinquishes it of all copyright, making the music freely available for sampling, commercial use, and other derivative creation — a.k.a. cc0 licensing terms. // Station 2 // Catalog x The Memes by 6529 “Live from the Open Metaverse” is a concert program curated by Eric Pan (pandelic.eth), the first-ever instrumental performance series transmitted throughout the permissionless metaverse, hosted by in the 6529 Museum District. “The Awakening” is its second concert, featuring Eric Pan on keyboards playing a fully improvised set for a live metaverse audience, mixing jazz, percussive piano, and synth effects. This performance, recorded on the 9th of April, 2023, celebrates _The Memes by 6529_ — an ongoing mission to broadcast the message of decentralization through art. It extends the ideas and energy of The Memes with music: first, through the presence and immediacy of live creation; and now, through the persistent memory of our public blockchain commons, available for unrestricted and free replay in perpetuity. Since the artwork of The Memes is by principle cc0 — free to distribute, remix, and use commercially — the music of “The Awakening” is released to the world under the same terms, also upon purchase. Collectors of “The Awakening” receive the same status and perks as collectors of other pandelic.eth 1/1s (more below), with an additional benefit, therefore, to being the first collector of one of these: the act of purchase liberates the piece from all commercial copyright, releasing it into the world for anyone to use, sample, sell derivatives of, and so on. // Station 3 // Featuring Reuben Wu, Meme Card Artist Reuben Wu is a renowned visual artist and a NatGeo Magazine Photographer, whose work can be found on SuperRare and Sotheby’s. You can peruse Reuben’s exceptional collections by following twitter @Reuben_Wu, instagram @itsreuben and via // Station 4 // Featuring Wintermute, ReMemer Artist Wintermute is a voxel artist and an avid fan and creator of Generative Art and traditional art media, a ReMemer and PreMemer within the 6529 Meme Community. The PreMeme work can be found every week at, with minting of work at Follow if this is your style of art you love to see. // Station 5 // Collector Perks This track is a 1/1 Catalog NFT composed, performed, and pressed by Eric Pan (pandelic.eth). Every owner of a pandelic.eth Catalog NFT also receives unlimited, “golden ticket” download access to Eric’s entire published music catalog, in resolutions up to MP3 V0 and lossless WAV. As of this pressing, this includes the following: + The Awakening, Live from the Open Metaverse + Travel Poems . Chapter 1 . Secret towns (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 2 . The night sea (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 3 . There is no path back (LP) + Lullabies of the Pleiades (EP) + goodnight margaret wise brown (single) + the year the shipwreck became beautiful (single) Extras: full-resolution cover art, liner notes, music videos Every collector with golden-ticket status also has access to Eric Pan’s future music+extras as they become published. Collectors ready to redeem downloads can email at any time for access, as well as in case of any questions. More expansive and exclusive perks will be unveiled over time. // Station 5 // Credits Show production by @DarrenSRS @OM100m @oncyber Show filmed by @fmiasp Mixed by Brian Trahan Artwork by @Reuben_Wu @WintermuteGAN Released under Falling Sea

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