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made today in about 30 minutes, strictly for fun shoutout to grady for the inspiration for that one eth bar lyrics: blockchain, blockchain, blockchain x 4 top of the leaderboard, fuck is you feenin' for? these niggas be talking that shit, but really they slackin it's so unappealing bro cos i'm with the gang, i'm with the team we making money convert it to eth i been on my grind since i was 16 i put in the years and the months and the weeks i am a gemini but i'm not two-face i wanna ball, i ain't talkin bout 2K niggas stay talking, i don't care what you say sound of the gun and they bolt like they usain i keep a check (czech) near me, something like ukraine smoking that gas, smoking that butane blockchain, blockchain, blockchain x 2 you can not compete with me lil nigga cos ur off the chain x 4 blockchain, blockchain, blockchain you need to get some decentralised hoes i'm about to decentralise your nose maxi this, maxi that, boy decentralise your tone i'm bout to decentralise my home i'm bout to decentralise my loans i'm bout to decentralise every fucking thing that i've ever owned blockchain, blockchain, blockchain
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November 23, 2021

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