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Nemesis vs Ladyryn

Caryn Thompson is a Zambian artist known as Nemesis vs Ladyryn. Her name is symbolic of her personalities. She suffers from bipolar disorder and decided to use that as a positive thing in her music. So Nemesis is the rapper and Ladyryn is the singer. She started pursuing music in 2013. Her debut ep synergy was released in 2019. It was a project that symbolised her transition from poetry to music. One would describe her music as road trip music or the music you play after a long day at work. Her current project 333 is about transformation, rebirth and healing. It is set to drop in Nov 2022. Her goals are spreading awareness of mental health disorders, spreading awareness of drug abuse she is a recovering addict has been sober for 8years. Her aim is to show people that despite any challenges you face,if you face them head on you will overcome.
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